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10. Thanks

I would like to thank the following people for their support during the development of Power64:

Claus Skrepek

Extensive testing of beta versions and an enhanced Power64 logo

Samuel Lindeman

Thanks for an endless stream of excellent suggestions and bug reports

José Luis Laviña & Roberto Rodríguez

For the complete reworking and completion of the Spanish translation of Power64, including all the lots of texts in balloon helps and documentation.

Claudio Santucci

For an excellent Italian translation of Power64 and its documantation.

Andreas Varga

Testing and encouragement

Magna Media

Permission to include SMON in Power64

Richard Bannister

For lots of help and encouragement

Christian Bauer

For Frodo

Wolfgang Lorenz

PC64 and the excellent emulator test suite

Jouko Valta

X64 and Technical Documentation

Miha Peternel

For C64s

Teemu Rantanen

For the X64 File Format

David Lawrence

For support implementing the Input Sprocket Interface

John Stiles

For his excellent website (http://emulation.victoly.com (formerly www.emulation.net) and the LHA decompression code (taken from his French Kiss).

Enrique Martos

For the Spanish translation of Power64.

Renaud Pattyn

For the French translation of Power64

Joshua Whitver

For producing the first version of the DOCMaker Documentation

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